Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Border West Expressway?

The Border West Expressway is located west of downtown El Paso and south of I-10. It extends approximately 7.4 miles from Racetrack Drive near Doniphan Road and New Mexico 273 East to US 54, one mile east of Park Street. The project will provide an alternate route for I-10 and address needed improvements to safety, reliability and regional growth and development in the Paso del Norte region.

What are the major improvements of this project?

  • Construction of a four-lane, controlled access tolled facility from Racetrack Drive to the end of the existing Loop 375, in the vicinity of Santa Fe Street, a distance of approximately 5.6 miles.
  • Existing lanes from Santa Fe Street to Park Street will provide access to local traffic and will remain non-tolled.
  • Multi-ramp interchanges connecting Executive Center Boulevard and Spur 1966.
  • New multi-ramp interchange to connect the Loop 375 with Paisano Drive and Delta Street, providing eastbound and westbound access to the city’s center.

When did construction start?

Construction began in Spring of 2015.

When will construction finish?

The project is scheduled to be substantially complete and open to traffic by Summer 2019.

What's opening in Summer 2018?

West of Executive, Coles/Paisano interchange, Caesar Chavez area.

Who is the project’s owner?

The Texas Department of Transportation is the project’s owner.

Who is the project’s contractor?

This project is being constructed by Abrams-Kiewit, a joint venture partnership between J.D. Abrams L.P. and Kiewit Infrastructure South Co.

Who is the project’s designer?

Stantec is the project’s lead engineering firm.

What is right of way?

Right of way is land either already acquired or to be acquired for the purposes of constructing and/or widening a public road or highway.

How can I get more information about the project?

News releases and information regarding incidents, campaigns, project closures and more.

Social media updates from TxDOT.

All news releases, meetings, project closures are posted here.

Incidents and project closures.

1-800-452-9292 (Bilingual hotline)
Statewide road conditions.

Will the Border West Expressway have toll lanes?

The tolled portion of the expressway will be from Racetrack Drive to the existing Loop 375, in the vicinity of Santa Fe Street, a distance of approximately 5.6 miles.

How will the tolls work?

The toll fees are established by the Texas Transportation Commission, but the toll facility will be operated and maintained by the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority. For more information on tolls currently in operation in El Paso, visit: